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Pharmanex Testimonials

Pharmanex Champions


Shelly Oates Wilding-Kayaking World Champion

As an active mum and Olympic athlete I need all the energy I can get. With my busy schedule and travel commitments. I often feel fatigue setting in and know my body is in need of nutrients of a balanced diet. Since I have been on Lifepak I have noticed my energy levels are not only consistent but consistently high and I am able to enjoy every minute of my exciting life. I would recommend Lifepak above any other supplement I have ever tried and with over 20 years as an international athlete i have tried many others. Lifepak makes a noticeable positive difference that anyone who wants more out of each day should be happy with.

Brent Livermore- Men's Hockey, 2006 Commonwealth Games-Gold

As an elite athlete, it is vital to maintain my health and fuel my body with the necessary supplementation required to support my intense activity levels. Since using Lifepak multivitamin supplement, I have found i do not get run down, tired or sick when pushing my body to the limit in training and competition. It is critical to ensure that i have the right blend of nutrients and energy supplies to keep me going with a demanding intense schedule and Lifepak provides me with the ultimate blend of complete vitamins i need each day. As I combine this with Optimum Omega, Cordyceps Cs4 and Overdrive, I have found that my energy before training and competition, along with my recovery afterwards, has been improved and maintained over long periods of intense workouts and competition

Penny Childs-Taekwon-do-2nd Dan Black belt & Silver Medalist, Australian Championship

Lifepak and g3 Superfruit Blend(yum!) provides me with the additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients i require to maintain and improve my physical wellbeing on a daily basis. Over the past years that I have been taking Lifepak there has certainly been a marked improvement in my health, wellness and even my skin. My training demands a lot of stamina and quick recovery, and i find that Cordyceps Cs4 and Overdrive easily help me to meet those demands. I even undertook my own trial on cordyceps Cs4 some months ago, and found that when i did not take it there was a remarkable difference in my performance in the heavy aerobic workouts.

Tanya Faux- Whitewater Kayaking, 2006 World Cup Freestyle Champion 

I started taking Lifepak six months ago and since then I have consistent energy levels and I have seen an increase in my body's ability to push itself to its limits day after day. Before I started taking Lifepak, on overseas expeditions. I used to have one good day on the river, possibly two, but come the third day I would paddle very poorly, feel grumpy and have very low strength levels. Now come day three, I still feel like I am at day one. My recovery has also acelerated between seasons. Lifepak given me the energy for a life outside of training! It is so good to know that no matter what enviroment I am in, I'm getting all the nutrients and antioxidants that my body needs. I can feel the difference

Robin Bell-Canoeing-Olympian, Australian and World Champion

Travelling to international competitions can take its toll on my immune system. I use Lifepak and Optimum Omega capsules to help stay healthy, ready for competition.

Dominique Arnold

The Lifepak® has done a tremendous job for me. The work that I am able to put in on the track far exceeds what I have been able to do before. My recovery time is second to none. When IÂ’m at practice with my other teammates, I'm always ready to go when it's time. The combination of the Lifepak® nano, g3, and CordyMax®, makes my job a lot easier. I sincerely thank the scientist that took the time to figure out what really works.

Emilie Mondor

When I heard of Pharmanex, it was their professional approach that appealed me the most. Then I discovered the quality, services, and friendly team. I feel safe with Pharmanex and have felt stronger since I am using LifePak® nano, CordyMax® and Overdrive® supplementation. I keep my daily trainings and career as my priority but I am now also trying to start as a Pharmanex distributor, so I can help others reach their goals of health and fitness

Duke Basketball

Pharmanex is proud to supply LifePak®, the most comprehensive micronutrient supplement available, to the Duke University Men's Basketball program. Looking for a way to provide a balanced nutrition regimen for the team, Duke Athletics researched Pharmanex and was impressed with the company's commitment to using scientific research in its development of quality nutritional products.

 Blake Becker

Lifepak® nano has been awesome. It has gotten me through the off season without sickness or injury. Normally this is nothing to write home about, but this time of year I balance a full-time job and training. Some days I have 10hrs of work and 5hrs of training and because of the Lifepak® nano I am able to do it all, day in and day out. Lifepak® nano has a great balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and a combination of vitamins and minerals that allows me to feel healthy and strong all the time. g3 has been a staple in my mornings. My usual routine is a CHO base breakfast, swim, g3, recovery breakfast. It allows me to recover quickly and be ready for the next workout of the day. Pharmanex products have been great and I have seen noticeable gains throughout training, as well as everyday life.

Nicole Magner
My Pharmanex regimen consists of Lifepak® nano, CordyMax®, Overdrive®, NanoCoQ10™, Marine Omega, Tegreen 97®, Diene-O-Lean®, FlexCrème® and g3. These exceptional products make it possible for me to compete with people half my age. I was very enthusiastic when learned about g3 before this season, as I have noticed a significant sharpness in my vision. While going down the track at 80mph, making quick decisions in the moment are critical.