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galvanic spa testimonials

Galvanic Spa Testimonials

Galvanic Spa is definitely a new-age gadget for women pursuing safe, convenient and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. After a few treatments, i can see visible difference in my face! It makes my skin vibrant, soft and refreshing. I've been using twice a week and my skin feels great   Wendy Leung- Seattle USA

I have had 15 years of experience in the skin, hair and beauty industry. I have used many technologies (including IPL, Microdermabrasion etc), I have not seen results like I have seen with the Galvanic Spa. The results are amazing and immediate after just 10 minutes." Patricia Q- Sydney, Australia

I work for Cosmetic Images Clinic ( leading Perth non-surgical cosmetic procedures practice). I did a 10 minute half neck Galvanic Spa demo on a  staff therapist who did not have time to take off and reapply make-up . When the director of the clinic saw the result she immediately ordered the 4-pak and staff members also purchased units. Courses of Galvanic Spa facial treatments are now being booked at the Clinic after which clients will be encouraged to purchase their own Galvanic Spa for at home use Susan Maxwell-Stewart- Perth, Australia

I have been using the Galvanic Spa for approx 12 months and ……………..I LOVE IT. People often say to me, you have such beautiful skin. I cannot believe your age. What impresses me is how easy it is to use and how little time it takes. And of course how cost effective it is. Might I also mention that I NEVER travel without it. The fact that it takes such little time to produce such amazing INSTANT results and I can do it myself at my own convenience is enough for me to keep it in the “easy to do basket” vs. the “too hard basket”. We live in a time when “everyone wants to look good and as youthful as possible”. For me it’s aging gracefully without going under the knife, or being injected with a poison that disfigures a persons looks.  I’m thrilled to have the Galvanic Spa to keep me looking younger as I age and in the most natural way possible.Personally it has improved my skin texture making it smoother and more vibrant. Using the spa consistently has made a difference in the pore size and wow has it improved the lines under & around my eyes, as well as all expression/sleep lines. Mary JoPont, Noosa Australia

I've immigrated to Australia from Israel 14 months ago and the stress involved with the move took its toll and was very visible on my skin, I'm 35 years old and could see that my skin became dull, lost its radiance and it felt as if I've aged a lot, on top of everything there were wrinkles as well, and I couldn't have that! An Israeli friend of mind told me about the Galvanic Spa and encouraged me to use it and see the difference for myself. I bought my Galvanic Spa and started treating my face twice a week, the results stunned me and all of the people around me, my skin got its glow back, it felt as if a layer of wallpaper was peeled of my face, I simply can't recommend it enough – the Galvanic Spa was defiantly my reason for joining the business, after seeing what it did to my face I wanted to expose as many people to this great technology.  Rachel Ron- Brisbane , Australia

I have also been using the Galvanic Spa on my neck and body for firming and I am seeing results already. Ever since using the spa everyone, even strangers compliments how beautiful my skin looks. This has been helping my business grow because when people ask how do I have such amazing skin, I talk about the Galvanic Spa and they usually want to try it out.Who would have thought that a company would invent a hand held gadget that rejuvenates your complexion, reduces cellulite and help regrow your hair....all in one!!! How convenient. Thanks NSE! When I demonstrate the Galvanic spa on people, at first they don't really believe how powerful it is, but as soon as the 10 mins of treatment is completed, their eyes widen and are in disbelieve of how great they look.  Jenny Law-Sydney, Australia 

I am so thankful to for your demonstration of the Galvanic Spa and products! My face is looking most fab for having been using the Galvanic Spa and products for only 1 week now. Especially my forehead and eye area!! I can only excitedly imagine the results I shall see in 1 month’s time!! I am already seeing some results from the body gel on my belly area too, so much so that I have now started using it on my legs. Great products!! And I love my Galvanic Spa! It is my new best friend!! (lol)And my (what were once saggy) eye lids are looking more than fab! My eyes don’t have that tired appearance anymore, as they are now looking wide open again. Yeah!! Go the Spa!!!  Toni- Brisbane, Australia

My husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and went away “without the kids” for 5 days. I had been using the Galvanic on the back of my legs for a few weeks and when we were relaxing by the pool and swimming he really noticed the difference -  that was fantastic for me. Danielle Milne- Brisbane, Australia

 I have been working in the skincare business for the past 12 years however I have been blown away by the results that The Galvanic Spa has given to my skin and my customers. We have a special machine called a Visia that measures skin texture, pores, porphyrns, and wrinkles. I have seen significant measurable improvement in all those areas. As I show my customers the Galvanic Spa I can see a visible difference in the tighness of their skin, softening of wrinkles and luminous glowing skin. The most common response I get from my customers is “I’ve got to have one of those right now” My sales have gone through the roof. The spa is such a fantastic business tool Maureen-Perth, Australia